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Amulet helps to establish the City Security Council

Amulet has played a central role in the creation of the City Security Council (CSC), a collaborative partnership between elite City-based security companies and the City of London Police. The 18 founding members will work with the Police and the City of London Corporation whenever there is a major incident or significant threat within the Square Mile.

CSC members will share intelligence, resources, and more than 1,000 security officers. By working together, the Council looks to improve collective response to threats in major urban areas and provide the highest levels of detection, prevention, deterrence and response.

The idea for a collaborative security effort stemmed from the increased incidence of terrorist attacks in 2016 and a recognition that private companies have a role to play in helping to make the capital safer. The Council’s founding follows the Home Office and Joint Security and Resilience Centre’s decision to have more private policing in the public domain.

Kieran Mackie, Amulet’s Commercial Director, commented: “It’s vital for security companies to be driven by more than profit. The City Security Council represents the importance of knowledge sharing and collaboration in an era of elevated threat levels, as well as the idea that security is an enabler of everyday life. Working alongside Council partners will not only help to raise the standing of private security in the public domain but also ensure the Square Mile remains a safe and prosperous place to work and live.”

For more information about the City Security Council, visit www.citysecuritycouncil.co.uk.