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Changing perceptions of security officers

The security industry as a whole has really stepped up since the lockdown first came into effect, with officers demonstrating time and again why they were key workers.

The Government’s announcement that everyone should work from home, which was shortly followed by the lockdown and the closing of non-essential businesses, meant the role of the security officer quickly changed. There were suddenly thousands of empty office buildings, shopping centres and business parks that needed a 24-hour security presence. Many offices were vacated almost overnight and occupants had not securely locked away IT equipment and other valuables.

In businesses that have remained open throughout the lockdown, such as supermarkets and pharmacies, security officers have been responsible for enforcing social distancing and managing the number of customers in a shop. Against a backdrop of worry and anxiety across society, officers have had to maintain a calm demeanour in trying circumstances.

It’s for these reasons and more that we’re delighted to support the British Security Industry Association, the Security Institute and the Security Commonwealth as they launch an awareness campaign to highlight the vital role that security officers play in public life.

The campaign will showcase security professionals as a respected, valued and professional service provider contributing to and creating a safe and secure environment.

Security officers are going to have an increased visibility in the public eye as the lockdown eases. They will be the first contact for many building occupants as they enforce social distancing and take temperature checks. They will be at transport hubs helping to manage crowds and ensure that people are abiding by COVID-19 protocols, such as wearing masks. And they will be continuing to provide the “bread and butter” services that we are so used to.

We’re proud not just of every Amulet security officer, but of those working for any provider. They’ve done an amazing job and we look forward to helping them receive the recognition they deserve from the wider public.