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2020 highlights

Having enjoyed an impressive first year of growth and development, culminating with key industry recognition at the Security and Fire Excellence Awards 2019 and PFM Partnership Awards 2019, our second year has also seen many highs. Here are some of our key milestones for this year.

The business has sustained its growth trajectory with 20% top line growth in FY19/20 ; accredited to retention of our top three transport sector clients, expansion of The Greater London Authority contract and securing new business with CBRE, Millennium Point, University of Law, Arch Co and a large pension fund portfolio.

Our success comes down to our fantastic security teams led by our diverse management team and we’d like to give a special mention to our Operations Director Serena Lowe, Commercial Director Kieran Mackie and our Head of HR Tracey Cheung who have been instrumental to our growth, people development and delivering security excellence to our clients.

We continue to develop and grow our management team and have made two key appointments this year to develop our solutions and processes.

Iain Chorlton has joined the business as an independent consultant. Bringing over 25 years’ experience of taking critical lead roles in coordinating the response to crisis, Iain will be focusing on enhancing our operational resilience capability, working closely with our clients to maximise their emergency incident response and will be in charge of our resilience training delivery to our teams.

Simone Dewell has recently joined our leadership team as a director of strategic projects. With a strong background in project and change management, strategic implementation and public sector contract mobilisation, she has already successfully delivered a major integration of the Wagestream platform to support financial wellness of our employees by giving the option to secure money ahead of payday and receive overtime pay promptly. Simone will also be focusing on developing and implementing our attendance, patrol and scheduling management systems, as well as mobilising our new public sector contracts.

We are incredibly proud to preserve our place in the top five per cent of all UK security providers with a high SIA ACS assessment score and we remain committed to maintaining and raising these standards through continual improvement and innovation.

The current pandemic has brought with it a world of unknowns and shifted priorities and focus areas in all sectors, putting the security industry firmly in the spotlight.

With the government introducing new restrictions to curb the spread of the virus, we will continue to see many businesses operating their buildings at reduced capacity, with the protection of valuable assets remaining a critical security requirement. Since the pandemic first hit, we have protected our clients’ vacant premises with a mix of on-site officer presence and remote monitoring and incident response services through our Command Control and Intelligence Centre, and will continue working closely with our clients to address their ever-changing security needs.

As workplaces started to gradually reopen, we’ve seen our officers take up additional front-of-house responsibilities, conducting temperature checks and supporting social distancing. With the restrictions continuing, we expect this trend to continue and will be expanding our guest services offering in 2021. Watch out for an exciting announcement on this early in the New Year.

The terror threat didn`t go away because of the pandemic, in fact it has presented an opportunity for terrorist groups. Whilst our minds are focussed on overcoming the pandemic, there is a concern within intelligence circles that those engaged with terror groups are using the time to plan and re-build their strength.

We are very much abreast of the threat landscape and have strengthened our approach by establishing a strategic partnership with the Senate Group which enables us to offer our clients sector and geographic specific intelligence allowing for greater security and threat management along with peace of mind that we have not forgotten about the potential dangers.

As part of this partnership we launched our Command, Control and Intelligence Centre (CCIC) within Senate’s National Operations Centre to offer a greater breadth of integrated monitoring, intelligence and control centre services to our clients through one central expert hub. The CCIC delivers customers’ security requirements from conception and ensures that strategy and communication remain consistent throughout the contract. Real-time insights and trend analysis produced by the CCIC help our security teams to keep our clients’ sites safe and secure and allows us to make proactive adjustments throughout the life of the contract to ensure the solution remains the most efficient and suitable.

Despite the challenging landscape, FY19/20 was another record year for Amulet, positioning us firmly for the year ahead. We will continue evolving and working closely with our clients to help them navigate the upcoming changes and mitigate risks.